2024 Stewartstown Railroad Work Weekend Schedule Released for January – June

We are sending out the following list of proposed trackwork weekend dates for the first-half of 2024 so that you can get them in your calendar and plan to help out! Keep a watch on our website for any changes.

We will be continuing with the maintenance and upgrading of the Class I track from station to picnic grove planning to install approximately 250 ties, plus continuing with tamping and ballasting. We will continue working towards Five Forks Crossing. There are about 150 ties left to install to get to there. Or less if we get a bunch done in December!! Conditions improve once we get past Five Forks and we should move faster from there to Bridge Five.

Work Weekend Dates for the first Half of 2024:
January 20 and 21
February 17 and 18
March 23 and 24
April 5, 6, 7
May 17, 18, 19
June 7, 8, 9

Coach work on coach 1158 and 1341 will be on- going, contact Dave Watson to help out with the coach work. The goal is to have 1158 looking good, complete and serviceable for Easter Bunny Trains.

Work in Locomotive #12 is ongoing and we want to have it serviceable by mid -2024. To help with the locomotives, contact Mark Koppenhaver. We have winter maintenance tasks to do on both #9 and #10.

We will be working on caboose 782 and the new flatcar to get them in service next year, contact Dave Williamson to help with these projects. We are also looking for a crew or individuals to help with the Erie Railbus #300, and to get the red motorcar and trailers back in service for some motorcar excursions next year. Contact Dave Williamson to help with these projects.

We will be posting work weekends at least six months out so that hopefully we can avoid schedule conflicts and get some good work crews out. We are looking forward to a good year in 2024 with many trains, events and improvements coming down the line!

David Williamson