Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc.
P.O. Box 456
Stewartstown, Pennsylvania 17363-0456
(717) 654-7530

Site Updated on February 3, 2016

The Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc., is a Pennsylvania nonstock tax-exempt nonprofit corporation under IRS regulation section 501(c)(3) operated by unpaid volunteers dedicated to the preservation of the Stewartstown Railroad. Donations to the Friends in excess of annual membership dues are tax-deductible for most people. Since everyone's tax situation is unique, we encourage potential donors to check with their tax advisor to determine the benefits available to them from making a donation to the Friends.
    Membership in the Friends is open to all who have an interest in railroads, history, and the Stewartstown Railroad in particular. See our "Membership" page to download a membership application.
    Many members of the Friends perform volunteer work on the Stewartstown Railroad ranging from hosting "open house" events at the railroad's main station in Stewartstown, building maintenance, equipment maintenance, track repairs, and brush cutting along the right of way, just to name a few tasks. Some of the Friends members have also been trained by the Stewartstown Railroad Company to operate railroad equipment as part of the train crew. 
    Membership in the Friends is not required to volunteer on the Stewartstown Railroad. However, it is the dues and donations made by members and sup- porters of the Friends that help to pay for supplies and materiels used by the volunteers in performing their various tasks on the railroad.

Top of page: In the early 1990s Stewartstown Railroad locomotive #9, the "Mighty Mo," leads an excursion train towards the Church Road crossing (now renamed Mt. Airy Road). Photo courtesy of Raymond E. Reter.

Bottom of page: the Friends logo designed by Stephen Stroup of Hanover, Pennsylvania.

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